The Normal Heart

Lessons in love and life from a Muslim driver in an Arab city.

The Israeli West Bank barrier: Don’t let them (Palestinian Arabs) cross over. (Photos: Jeremy Helligar)
Jerusalem: The holiest city on earth

A change of mind

The Church of the Nativity: Bethlehem’s reason for being for most visitors

“I hate George Bush, but I love Barack Obama,” he declared, before ranting about the sins of the father (George Bush Sr.).

Make love, not war… Make humus not walls.

20th-century parallels

Facing the wall from the city it blocks off from Jerusalem, it was hard not to see it as a barrier intended to keep Bethlehem’s Palestinian Arabs in their place.

Daily life in Bethlehem’s city center

Everyday life, everyday people

After snapping a few shots, I put the camera away. I wanted to experience the moment, live in it, rather than just document it.

Brother Son Husband Friend Loner Minimalist World Traveler. Author of “Is It True What They Say About Black Men?” and “Storms in Africa”

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