It’s So Easy to Root for Women Who Cheat … Onscreen

TV and movies are a lot more forgiving to them than real life.

Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez in the 2002 thriller Unfaithful (Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Can you forgive her?

I’m fairly certain Sam Neill’s cutting (literally) response to Holly Hunter and Harvey Keitel’s dalliance in the 1993 film The Piano would have been positively cheer-worthy if he had been the cheater and she the one wielding that ax.

Glenn Close and Michael Douglas in the 1987 sexual thriller Fatal Attraction (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

I suspect that for many women at the time, part of the draw of Fatal Attraction was watching a husband pay for his sex crime. They dragged their significant others to the theater to see the movie in droves, and I can just imagine their warnings as the credits rolled: “See? Cheat on me, and there might be hell to pay.”

Did death become her?

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