I hope I didn’t come across like I was criticizing your empathy. I completely respect it, and you did an excellent job explaining it.

I’ve been thinking about the guy from Glee who recently committed suicide, the coverage of his death, and the reaction to it. I’m shocked at the lack of empathy or sympathy. I understand that he did horrible things, but he’s still someone with parents and a back story. Many people can’t see past their own judgment and their constant need to look down on sinners. I hope I don’t come across like that. My biggest problem with Spacey is not what he allegedly did but how he responded to the reveal.

I suspect that he probably doesn’t remember what he did to Rapp. And perhaps he doesn’t remember what he allegedly did to any of his accusers. It’s interesting that the coverage has been so caught up in the sex angle and everyone is really looking past the implication that he might be a very damaged man. You’re one of the few who didn’t.

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