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Is hatefulness next to Godliness, too?

Jeremy Helligar
4 min readSep 7, 2018


How do you have a “civil” discussion with someone like this? (Photo: flickr/Elvert Barnes)

Today I checked out my Facebook News Feed — which is something I sometimes do once a day but usually no more than once a week — and the first thing I saw nearly burned my eyes out of their sockets.

It was a very long status update from a high-school friend who, as far as I’ve seen during my infrequent News Feed checks, rarely posts anything.

It read…

WARNING….those of you that hate Christians, hate conservative minded people, get easily offended, hate and mock President Donald J. Trump, think that there is nothing wrong with gay marriage, think that it is okay to allow a child to choose which gender they identify with, disrespect military and have no respect for police officers, have a victim and slavery mentality, support open boarders [sic], support a democratic socialist lifestyle (and so forth)…you may want to unfriend me now because it is about to get worse! I hate what God hates and love what God loves. For some of you the lines seem to be blurred these days but it is not for me! I am giving you a heads up because I really do not care who I offend because I do not have time to coddle any of you! Time is short and I love you but I will speak the truth whether you like it or not. So please go ahead and unfriend me or else you might be exposed to the truth and get set free! If you want to have a civil discussion then by all means let us civilly discuss but I will no longer stand for any democratic socialist that tells me to go kill myself because I do not believe as they believe! I live in America and I will stand on my First Amendment Rights. I #WalkedAway years ago. I love you, thank you and have a wonderfully blessed day…#gettruth4yourself

As I read, I was waiting for “Gotcha.” Surely she was making fun of Trumpian trolls by talking just like one.

Sadly, she was dead serious. Instead of getting mad, I got disappointed. Had she not learned anything in high school English, like how to separate her thoughts into paragraphs, when to use “who” and when to use “whom,” and capitalization and comma rules?

Had this person whom I quite liked in high school really turned into the kind of person who says things like “Have a wonderfully blessed day”?



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