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  • Janine Helligar

    Janine Helligar

    I’m a butterfly having a human experience as a woman who presents Black

  • Jermaine Hall

    Jermaine Hall

    Jermaine Hall is a digital publishing executive. When he’s not running his two sons and wife from place to place he’s watching Lakers games.

  • Jeff Barton

    Jeff Barton

    Dad, runner, author, a bunch of other labels. I write about life, mental health, and running. Starting life over, one day at a time. Creator of Runner’s Life.

  • Mara Reinstein

    Mara Reinstein

    Mara Reinstein is the film critic of Us Weekly. She is also a contributing writer for Parade, The Cut, Variety, Emmy and TV Guide. She lives in New York City.

  • Wim Vandevelde

    Wim Vandevelde

    #TB #HCV #HBV #HIV #Malaria #LGBTIQ #DeepHouse

  • Alexi Helligar

    Alexi Helligar

    Philosopher, artist, technologist.

  • Nathan Maingard

    Nathan Maingard

    Modern troubadour. Creating songs and stories to inspire open hearts with the loving support of a global tribe of listeners and patrons.

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