Come see the rest of the world before you tell me that.

I left the United States in 2006, and since then, I’ve lived in Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Bangkok, Cape Town, and Sydney. I’ve lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica, and I’ve been on the road for the past year in Asia and Eastern Europe. I’ve spent all of 2018 so far travelling through the Balkans (current city: Sofia, Bulgaria, my 52nd country) and have not stepped foot on U.S. soil since 2010.

Who hasn’t seen the rest of the world? Google me, dude.

I’ve been around enough to know that even a white person who has spent most of his life outside of the U.S. in countries where he is a minority experiences prejudice of a completely different sort and usually from a position of economic power. You appear to enjoy mixing apples and oranges.

I don’t believe anything I’ve written contradicts Kinsey or your ideas about nature and nurture. I agree with all of that. I’m not sure how it affects my argument.

I feel, strongly, that people of a certain generation are desperately looking for racism, sexism, homophobia, where none exists and at the same time are desperate to ignore it where it does exist…

What generation are you referring to? I’m 49. And I would definitely count you among those people who are desperate to ignore racism where it does exist.

It’s taste not hate in the bedroom.

Seriously? Really? Sorry man, you’re going to have to do better than that. As a great woman (OK, Shania Twain) once said (OK, sang), I’m outta here.

Brother Son Husband Friend Loner Minimalist World Traveler. Author of “Is It True What They Say About Black Men?” and “Storms in Africa”

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