You’re quiet out there now that your leader is gone. Don’t expect us to lower the volume while celebrating this victory.

It’s funny how an election changes situations.

Many of you have been uncharacteristically quiet over the last couple of days, or maybe Facebook’s algorithm gods are just sparing my sanity. Either way, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the silence right now. Crickets all over.

Unfortunately, posts from…

I’ll take cancellation by social media mobs over cancellation by armed White men any day.

Everyone has something to say — and write — about the Kyle Rittenhouse “not guilty” verdict and its frustrating aftermath. I’ve already had my say, and that’s all I’m going to say. …

The lionization of Kyle Rittenhouse by the right hurts more than his acquittal.

My eyesight isn’t what it used to be, but I’ve been blessed with the gift of intuition: I often can see what’s coming from several miles away, even with my eyes closed — especially when it comes to matters of race. …

Don’t think I’m morbid — but I just can’t stop thinking about the end.

I started fantasizing about my death when I was a kid. My childhood finale fantasy included no cause, only hordes of mourners weeping in unison, practically raising the roof of the world with their collective wailing. Good grief. Great grief.

Every person who had ever done me wrong — fake…

Are wedding planners still sleeping on one of the greatest soul singers of all time?

Nine years ago, a buddy messaged me with an age-old question: Sister Hazel, Third Eye Blind, or John Mellencamp? One of his friends was getting married in a month, and the bride-to-be was down to those three choices for the live entertainment. …

I approve of tweaking language to minimize the risk of offending people, but it’s easy to go overboard.

The last two years have been arguably the most confusing ones of our lives. Amid COVID, heightened racial unrest, and Tiger King, we’ve seen toilet paper get upgraded to the hottest supermarket commodity, watched the loser of a US presidential election go on to be crowned king of his political…

Can we still call them privileged?

What about me?

That is the question. It’s so integral to human thought and expression that it easily could qualify as our Animal Kingdom equivalent to arf, oink, and moo.

It’s also a question that, whether asked directly or implied, can curtail every meaningful discussion about race and racism. There…

Jeremy Helligar

Brother Son Husband Friend Loner Minimalist World Traveler. Author of “Is It True What They Say About Black Men?” and “Storms in Africa”

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