10 Reasons Why 1972-1974 Was the Golden Age of Pop Music?

No defining sound or star, just a smorgasbord of groovy tunes.

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U.S. President Richard Nixon and The Carpenters (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

1.) Some of our most distinguished legends were at their peak awesomeness.

2.) Future Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Chicago were churning out Top 10s with the ease of today’s Drakes and Taylor Swifts.

3.) Artpop rocked.

4.) It was the last time “black” music was pop music until white post-millennials came of age with rap.

5.) Philly-soul and post-Motown boy bands were hot (as were Motown’s still-fighting Temptations).

6) Singer-songwriters scaled new heights.

7.) The Kings — and Queen — of Glam Rock ruled.

8.) Sixties British invaders settled in.

9.) With the exception of 1983 and 1984, no era produced better one-hit-wonder hits.

10.) Comeback kings — and a queen — reclaimed their old thrones.

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