11 Reasons Why 1983 Was the Best Year in ’80s Music

An era of hot-shot U.S. chart debuts, from Madonna to R.E.M. to U2.

Prince: Partying like it’s 1999, with a number 12 hit in 1983.

It was hottest year for breakthroughs and best new artists since 1964.

It was a “Thriller” year.

Musically speaking, 1984 hasn’t aged so well.

The music from “Flashdance” has held up a lot better than 1984’s “Footloose” soundtrack.

Prince became a pop superstar.

David Bowie put on his red shoes and danced the blues.

Tina Turner’s comeback of the century commenced.

Even the one-hit wonder hits kicked ass.

We got two final ABBA chart fixes.

Pop would soon lose its twang, but first, ’80s crossover country made its final Top 40 stand.

Yazoo beat the sophomore slump with the year’s best album.

10 Previously Unmentioned Acts That Achieved Hot 100 Highs in ’83

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